Fireplace «Metavr 2.0»

Fireplace Metavr


  • Materials: heat-resistant steel, cast iron, heat-resistant glass-ceramics.
  • Type of firebox: safe (closed).
  • Fuel Type: firewood.
  • Weight: 500 kg.



  • Availability of a certificate.
  • Warranty: 30 months.


Having studied the best that Europe has, we have created a unique product for Russia. Island fireplaces from "Metavr", with a closed firebox, are designed to create a safe and cozy atmosphere in your home. Laconic and rational appearance of the product, in combination with technical solutions, allows you to get the maximum temperature without reducing the magical beauty of natural fire. The peculiarity of the design makes it possible to use island fireplaces both indoors and outdoors. Experts of the company have invested in the creation of this product all their knowledge and many years of experience of high-class engineers and designers.

Finished fireplaces equipped with closed fireboxes are preferable at once for several parameters:

  • security (closed door eliminates sparks),
  • hygiene (a special way of entering the air ensures complete combustion of fuel, and accumulated ash is easily removed from the ash pan),
  • adjustability (the fuel burning power is easily replaced by closing and opening the flap),
  • functionality (the duct helps distribute warm air evenly throughout the room).