Tandem version

Tandem version

CheckboxQuality materials

CheckboxReliable components

CheckboxSmooth start of conveyor belt

CheckboxEmergency stop button

CheckboxSensitive photocells

Checkbox2 years warranty


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Suitable for retail space formats such as hyper/supermarkets, minimarkets, etc. And like all of our counters, it can be customized without the conveyor belt.

Available with a combination of deep and narrow basins, intelligent design constructed with stainless steel around the circumference of the unit. The result is a highly compact organization of the checkout/POS zone resulting in high throughput of goods per minute. This is one of our most efficient models in terms of maximizing throughput and efficiency.

Other options


Solo version

Solo version

Suitable for smaller format retail spaces such as mini-markets, kiosks and supermarkets and can be configured with or without a conveyor belt.

The solo version is customizable for both right and left customer work flows at the counter.

Wrapped in stainless steel throughout the entire perimeter, intelligent design and variations in the length of the belt and depth of the basin all add to the thoughtful integration of the informatics, both in frontal as well as horizontal execution.


Island version

Island version

This very versatile unit is suitable for both mini and super/hyper markets; and like all of our units, these counters are available without the conveyor belt.

Mirrored checkout counters allow for the integration of racks for small goods/supplies and high ergonomics of the POS allowing for doubling-up of recourses, reducing time in line and increasing throughput. This unit is available with any length of belt you desire and multiple basin depths. The basins can be combined for both checkouts. Again, this dual unit is manufactured using the same high quality materials as the rest of our line, along with easy maintenance and operation.